Hut incentive

Typical initial situation

How do we:

  • foment a sense of unity?
  • give our creativity space?
  • eliminate conflicts?
  • work on our strategy as a core team, in peace and distraction-free?
Hochland Bild 2
Hochland Bild 3

Idea and implementation

Two-and-a-half days pared back to the essentials: joint work, joint exercise, cooking together, eating, having fun and relaxing - getting to know each other in a different way. In a simple hut in the midst of nature and out of reach of the firm: ideal conditions when it comes to sensitive topics such as teamwork, creativity or conflict.

The main focus of the training session/workshop is above all to create professional foundations, an understanding of the various needs and interests and the most concrete results possible. And without deliberately rubbing salt into wounds, but with the approach of letting the participants become active. To digest and also for relaxation, they say you should go out into nature and into the mountains. To trust each other, to take responsibility, to think and act as a team, to be open to new things - that is the focus of our shared experience.

  • integrated training/workshop design
  • framework program with outdoor and indoor team activities