Management & Märchen
Management & Märchen

Typical starting situation

How can we manage, as far as possible for the entire workforce

  • to inform about changes in the company in an emotional and easily understandable way?
  • to win them over for the necessary changes?
  • to get them to discuss with and about each other, in the most appreciative way?

Idea and implementation

A company-specific and successively-staged fairy tale or a modern narrated "story" illustrates, accelerates and assesses change processes within the company. The fairy tale/story is created as the result of information gathering over several weeks in the company: The subjective impressions and feelings of the employees are summarised in a fairy tale or a story based on personal conversations and anonymously evaluated questionnaires.

The narrative context renders problem situations comprehensible and reveals human strengths and weaknesses in an amusing and facilitating fashion. The corporate fairy tale is staged as part of a company event as a theatrical play - the story is practiced and presented by a circle of employees, in the style of a modern poetry slam. The fairy tale/story is distributed to employees and clients as a prepared document with illustrations.

Whether as a popular fairy tale or modern story - this very special form of corporate communication stimulates understanding, evokes emotions, enchants and remains a lasting memory.

Meeting Business Award

"Salzburg Fairy Tales" was awarded the "Meeting Business Award (MBA) ® 2000" for "outstanding conference designs and innovative meeting impulses" as a reference for the design idea "Management and Fairy Tales".

  • Collection of moods, opinions and impressions of the workforce through interviews and questionnaires
  • Creating a plot - the "scaffolding" of the narrative content
  • Installation of the fairy tale/story
  • Graphic design